Interested in becoming a Subsea Engineer?

This affordable course has been developed by Subsea Engineers with over 50 years combined subsea experience covering all aspects of the equipment commonly used and it is aimed at encouraging new people to want to become a Subsea Engineer. The course has been priced to attract people and not discourage people from entering subsea.

When this complete course is ordered (or individual modules if more affordable) the course is yours to keep and it can be downloaded onto a hard drive so it is always with you as a point of reference as opposed to carrying a heavy folder filled with hardcopy paper.

The course consists of 7 modules including tests, powerpoint presentations and videos/animations to provide visual reinforcements of the written content.

“Subseas are Underworked and Overpaid Prima Donnas”

A commonly used phrase for Subsea Engineers onboard rigs, this course shows just how much equipment the Subsea Engineer is responsible for onboard and it does not just include the Blowout Preventer (BOP) as so many people wrongly imply. This course is invaluable in showing details of the equipment used in what is considered the best paid profession offshore and very much in demand.

Understanding how all the other equipment works is a critical part of the Subsea’s job. Yes the BOP is high profile and a large part of the job but it will not work without all the control systems and support structure. These modules bring the whole package together and make it easy to understand.